As an author or writer you have lots of choices to make depending on what you want to accomplish. SPS LLC offers services for the author who wants to self-publish, a writer who wants to create a book to expand credibility for a speaking career or business, and authors who want to put the best shine on a partial manuscript for an agent or editor. We also edit and format business white papers and academic writing.

Our services for all types of writing include:

  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Cover Design
  • Writing Coaching
  • Distribution Services
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Ghostwriting

Simply use the drop-down menu for more information on these services.

With our services, you will:

  • Save time
  • Have an easier time creating your book
  • Create a professional product
  • Position yourself to get the greatest amount of sales

while still maintaining control over your book.

6 Steps to Self-Publishing

  1. Write the best book you can. Having problems conceptualizing or finishing your book? Consider our coaching or editing services to help you complete the project.
  2. Have your book professionally edited. Why? Readers hate poorly edited books. They will let you know. Publicly. We offer several types of editing services.
  3. Get a stand-out cover design that accurately reflects your book. Covers are a significant factor in a buyer’s choice. The better your cover, the more a buyer will be attracted. We have three levels of cover design you can choose from.
  4. Attend to the book production process. This includes getting an ISBN (if necessary) and protecting your book with a copyright. It also means getting your book ready by formatting it properly for the various distributors like Amazon, Smashwords, Create Space, etc. This process can be a time suck, but we can help you do with the ISBN number, copyright, and formatting.
  5. Upload the book to the distributors. This is the final step to make your book live. Many times the process is easy, but there are times nothing seems to work. We can help you upload your book to Amazon, Smashwords, Create Space, and more.
  6. Market your book. Whether you’re publishing with a small press, big six publisher, or self-publishing, getting the word out about your book requires your effort.  Don’t know where to start? Consider working with our marketing consultants to make a bigger impact!